Water soluble Lubricating Spray

Water soluble Lubricating Spray



Product Description

* 100% brand new high quality!
* Treatment of male premature ejaculation, erectile difficulties, low sexual desire, and other sexual dysfunction, enhance the charm of men.
* Treatment of penis, let penis longer, stronger, thicker, increased penis length and extend the time for sex.
* Improve sexual desire and promote sexual harmony.
* Stimulate sexual desire, gain more orgasms, and enjoy the pleasure brought about by sex.
* Increase male self-confidence and be a stronger, more mature and sexy man.
* Plant essential oil, mild and not irritating.

Paragraph 1£ºSpray
Type: Penis enlargement Spray
Gender: Men
Skin Type: All skin types
NET WT: 3ml
Efficacy:Stick used to increase penis length and extend the time for sex and health effects.
Material: Herbal extracts, Chinese Sex Medicine

Paragraph 2£º
Type: sex delay spray
Gender: Men
Skin Type: All skin types
Net Content: 15ml
Efficacy: kidney strong kidney, maintain penis, increase endurance, anti-fatigue, massage makes the sponge larger
Materials: Jasmine extract, plain flower extract, clove leaf oil, ginger root oil, geranium oil, jojoba seed oil, etc.

Paragraph 3£º
Type: Penis Delay Enlargement Spray
Gender: Men
Properties: Sex Products
NET WT: 10ml
Efficacy: It provides multiple pure and mild nutrient ingredients and infuses active energy to effectively improve skin texture and soothe body and mind.
Material: Aqua (water), Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) seeds oil, panthenol, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, propylene glycol etc.