New Joy-Con Switch Pro Wireless Game Controllers Gamepad for Switch Left & Right

New Joy-Con Switch Pro Wireless Game Controllers Gamepad for Switch Left & Right



Product Description

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1. This handle is compatible with Switch host and only supports wireless Bluetooth connection.
2. The handle can be used as a whole handle or as two independent handles.
3. Without loading any driver, the handle and the host can be used after being paired and connected via Bluetooth.
4. Bluetooth V3.0 wireless connection, strong anti-interference ability, easy operation, stable connection signal.
5. The built-in 300 mA polymer lithium battery can last about 4 hours after full charge.
6. This handle has built-in gyroscope to support motion sensing function.
7. Each of the left and right handles has a built-in motor to support the vibration function.
8. Multiple wireless handles can be connected to the host to play multiplayer games at the same time.
9. Ergonomic design and lightweight handle construction, even if players play for several hours without fatigue.
10. The handle can be connected to the computer via a USB cable and upgraded with the update software.
11. Input voltage/current: DC 5V/500mA, working voltage: DC 3.7-4.2V. Working current: 20-30 mA, vibration current: 80-150 mA.

Pairing guidance
First connecting handle to host
Open the Switch host, in the main menu interface of the host, touch and click ‘Controllers’ ‘Change Grip/order’ with your finger to enter the host matching mode interface ‘Press L + R on the controller’, ignoring ‘L + R’.
Note: Please connect each handle of the machine in this host pairing mode interface.

Voltage:DC 3.7-4.2V
Work current:20-30mA
Sleep current:10-80uA
Vibrating current:80-150mA
USB input voltage/current:DC 5V/500mA
Range of use:Less than 8M
Battery Voltage/Capacity:3.7V/300mAh
Continuous battery life:About 4 hours
Charging time:About 2 hours
Standby time:About 25 days

Package include:
1x Blue Switch Pro Wireless Controller
1x Red Switch Pro Wireless Controller
1 x Charging cable