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Updated 6/30/2012


Returns & Replacements

We offer a 30-Day No Hassle Guarantee on all products sold on our site.
(Unless otherwise noted)

If a part is received defective or fails within that time
Please contact . Please include order information and problem with item .

Non-Defective Returns
Unopened, Unused Parts may be returned for any reason. We charge a flat rate $12 USD Restocking fee and deduct shipping cost.
Please contact and provide Order Info for RMA Processing.

For security purposes, all of our TV parts are marked with our identifier, so your Return will be visually inspected for that identifying marking. If this marking is not present on the TV part(s), the return will be denied and you will be notified by phone.

No Restocking Fee: - You must be a certified electronics technician. For certification, please email or fax one of the following: a certification of business, your business Tax ID form, and/or a bill in your company’s name. - Certified technicians have 30 days from order date to receive a RMA Number.

Please contact for any Return Questions.

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