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Philips TV Model: 32PFL5322D 23PF5320 42FD9954 32PFL8404H/12 20PFL4122/10 15PFL4122/10 15PFL4122/10 20PFL4122/10 20PFL5522D/05 19PFL5522D/05 42PFL5522D/05 37PFL5522D/05 32PFL5522D/05 26PFL5522D/05 20PFL5522D/05 19PFL5522D/05 42PFL7603D/10 32PFL7603D/10 42PFL7603D/10 32PFL7603D/10 42PFL9632D/10 37PFL9632D/10 32PFL9632D/10 42PFL9632D/10 37PFL9632D/10 55PFL5706/F7 32PFL9632D/10

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